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Franchise Opportunities

eHomecare Franchising has EVERYTHING YOU NEED

Your new eHomecare non-medical home care franchise comes COMPLETE with an agency opening package, office inventory list and Quick-Start operate formatting. It’s taken literally eHomecare years of hard work and tenacious dedication to help formulate and establish our new franchise offering.

We’ve carefully researched, evaluated, refined and then re-checked the many critically important details in creating our franchise program that is complete and easy to replicate.

Now you can take full advantage of all that we have learned and created with full access to eHomecare’s proven systems.

Best of all, because our goal is always to help get you into a successful, continuous operation as quickly and affordable as possible, we’ll focus on adapting our franchise prototype model to best compensate for the unique physical realities of your location, and help create your new franchise agencies in a highly efficient, well-organized and money-saving manner.

That means you won’t have to worry about unexpected last minute extras, coming up with significant additional funding, or dealing with irritating unseen costs that can radically affect your bottom line.

Opening your Agency

The Quick-Start opening phase of our comprehensive franchise program is well-planned and carefully scheduled. Our ultimate goal is to synchronize completion of your new agency with completion of your initial franchise training, and get you started in your new business as soon as possible without unnecessary additional expense and wasted time.

eHomecare’s vested interest in the long-term success of our franchisees, and motivates us to share our well-experienced advice in appropriate site selection and lease negotiations in order to help new franchisees open as quickly, effectively and affordable as possible.

Agency Location Leasing

eHomecare’s is driven to do anything it can to help a new franchise, we invest as much time as necessary to properly identify ideal untapped locations, assess the realistic potential for long-term operation, and then custom design each store for the most efficient operation and cost effective build out.

We are also aware that most new franchisees may never have faced the challenge of finding suitable store locations or dealing with landlords to secure an attractive lease.

Therefore, we work with location experts, who have decades of experience in selecting great locations and providing essential information regarding the demographics of each store’s location.

Best of all, our program allows you final approval regarding the exact location, lease arrangements and final agency design so that you can feel completely confident and deservedly proud of your brand new eHomecare agency.

Most new franchisees have some idea of where they would like to establish their new eHomecare agency. The fact is there are many great locations currently available that could be ideal for an innovative concept such as eHomecare agency. However, another important fact is great locations usually don’t last very long. Whether it’s a competing business or another franchise prospect, some sharp entrepreneur is sure to soon see the same potential for long-term success you do and could easily step up to the plate first.


Our training and support staff is committed to getting you up and running as quickly as possible, and then helping to continually improve the operation and performance of your new business. We have carefully planned each crucial element in our exclusive new program with meticulous attention to detail, efficiency and cost effectiveness.

In addition, we will teach you the principles of proper store management, maintenance, and marketing. Not only that, but you can continue to benefit from our help, advice and encouragement whenever you need it.

As part of your franchise training, you’ll be supplied with an exceptionally detailed Operations Manual covering each facet of our exclusive plan, including all of our secret recipes, verified production techniques, tips, and insights that we have learned over years of experience.

Training is conducted at a working eHomecare location so that you and your staff can learn from experienced staff serving real customers and dealing with real daily challenges. With our expertise and your dedicated efforts, it won’t be long before your customers will be able to enjoy the same delectable and perfectly prepared products that keep bringing them back for more.


In order to help turn your dream of business ownership into achievable reality, proper and affordable financing must be first be secured. While eHomecare currently does not offer any direct financing for the purchase of a new franchise, we will certainly help you seek out proper and affordable financing that’s right for your needs and current financial situation.

eHomecare stands ready to help you thoroughly understand, carefully assess, and effectively pick the best financing program for your specific needs and situation. We’ll help walk you through the often-demanding financing procedures, and do our very best to help you successfully secure all the monetary resources necessary to own and operate your own eHomecare Franchise.


REMEMBER – Ground-floor opportunities in specially targeted locations are already being awarded to qualified candidates RIGHT NOW. We’ll make sure your area is fully protected and completely off limits to all other franchisees.

To be considered for highly desirable select locations in your area, ACT NOW! by promptly completing and submitting your Franchise Submission Form Request, listed on the tool bar.

The time for action is clearly NOW! History demonstrates time and again that financial opportunities like this may only occur once in a lifetime!

eHomecare invites you to fully explore this exceptional, comprehensive and timely ground-floor franchise program opportunity.

Please review the tab-linked pages above, and then complete and submit your application/information form right away for your best chance at securing your preferred, contractually protected area and location.

Thank you for your interest in eHomecare revolutionary ground-floor franchise opportunity. We appreciate your consideration and prompt action, and eagerly look forward to what we hope will be highly productive direct communications with you regarding this innovative and timely business matter.

For more information, please call: 610-664-9400.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This information is not intended as an offer to sell, or the solicitation of an offer to buy, a franchise. It is for informational purposes only. Currently, the following states regulate the offer and sale of franchises: California, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, North Dakota, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Virginia, Washington and Wisconsin. Therefore, we cannot offer a franchise to residents of these states unless and until we have complied with applicable pre-sale registration and disclosure requirements in your jurisdiction. In addition, there are other states that also have their own franchise registration requirements that may affect or briefly delay the franchising process.