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Service Plan

Available Times

Services are available on a 24 hours a day, 7 seven days a week basis to conform to clients’ needs and preferences.

How We Provide Added Value

WE ARE DIFFERENT from most home care services in that we believe that the entire family is our client. Not only do we create care plans and provide services to the person needing assistance but we make sure we sit and work with the family to make sure that there is a healthy balance and environment for those family members charged with the primary care of the person needing assistance. We make sure that we take into account the family’s schedule requirements, “time off” needs, vacation plans and other needs (respite care). We incorporate this into the total client/family plan by making sure that there is a complete life balance in the home environment.


  • We are committed to providing professional, ethical, and quality service.
  • We genuinely care about people.
  • We are experienced in making in-home needs assessments to help clients with their own requirements and assist them develop care plans.
  • We adapt our service delivery times to conform to our client’s needs and preferences.
  • Our caregivers are not only qualified, but also are compassionate, dependable, and trustworthy individuals who respect privacy and maintain confidentiality.
  • We relieve clients of the worry that can occur when hiring privately as we carefully screen, train, and inform our employees thoroughly.
  • We handle any issues that surface such as scheduling difficulties, illness, shift cancellations, arranging for substitute workers, and providing continuous supervision.
  • We follow-up with our clients on a regular basis to assess service effectiveness and to make revisions that reflect changing needs and wishes.